1. krzyhox

    Powers of all heroes from esf

    I welcome Somebody can what abilities write every figure will have from esf: Smile: ability
  2. LOPAO

    Costume caracter powers and special tricks

    Hi, how would be to add 7 space for capsules like in dragon ball z infinite world, something like costume :yes: that will be great everyoane can custome her/him caracter :d 3 - Attacks , like Kamehaha-ha..,Spirit bomb .. Fusion Gogeta etc .. i'm refering at goku 4 - Special trick, like full...
  3. Solent

    Numbers of the powers

    Well Actually some powers are in numbers like 6,7,8 And i thing they are very far of the other keys May be thats powers can be in the RBT of the powers like 4,5 For example, in goku, the kameha torpetedo can be in the number of kameha whit the RBT actually if you need do a kameha torpedo...
  4. -Blaze-

    What would you do if you had Gokus Powers?

    Topic says it all. I would try secretly save the universe. I would hide my identity. Coz, if people saw a kid with Mt.Everest in his hand, they would think he's a monster.:)
  5. K

    cannot use any powers?

    Hi, i've been having problems... the only attack i can use without my esf freezing is mellee... whenever i fire a ki ball or any sort of beam it freezes... it took me forever to mellee upto ssj2 and then it froze when i accidently fired a ki ball, it pissed me of alot... any help?
  6. Avenger

    Super Powers =D

    It's 01:20 AM and I am bored out of my mind. Thought I'd make this poll for fun.
  7. VeTaNaToR

    Powers unleashed red Shenlong

    wel im modeling for Powers unleashed now and since the new site aint ready at this point (but it will be soon) il post it here for critz, its still a very early beta cuz its needed right now but ill eventually improve it and make a version for the game that actually can open its mouth.
  8. V

    New game mode (with special powers) + New atack

    New Game Mode: Figh over the world: Goal: Char. limitation is automaticly set to 1 and both team figh eachother 2Vs 2 This is cause of reasons: Special ability's, but id one is out mostly the others loses his ability's. Teams: -Good: -Goku & Gohan -Piccolo & Krillin -Vegeta &...
  9. sayan master

    scencing powers...

    hi all ithaught about somthing cool that might be hard to do but will be absolutly ausom to do!!! well i taught about leaving the scouter availeble but adding new option that u will be able to "feel" energys like in the show if this will work it wont show you the exact position of the target...
  10. Brim

    Super Powers?? I am GOD!

    Hasn't been one of these around for a while so let's start another one. No poll or anything, just state which superhero you would like to be (I'm talking like Marvel heros and the sort so no Narutos or Gokus) And to quote a great man on this most difficult subject: "That's a tough...
  11. RAZIEL

    God like Powers Has anyone?

    Ok the other day after months of not playing i decided to see if i could play ESF i began on some small servers an worked me way up untill i was playing alright 2b honest i had forgotten about transformations untill some guy clocked me as a super saiyan so i thought wat the hell i hid in a cave...
  12. Amayirot Akago

    Austin Powers

    Yeah baby! I recently bought Austin Powers in Goldmember on DVD and OH BEHAVE! It's hilarious. Now, what's your favourite Austin Powers movie? Mine is Goldmember, of course. MOLEY MOLEY MOLEY MOLEY!!! :laff:
  13. D

    D1g1tal des1gn Forum

    Yo I made an art forum. If you can please register for it. I need some members to start it out. first two members get mod powers. D1g1tal Des1gn Forum
  14. S

    Hide Powers

    Hi, I was Thinking, how about hide your ki?, you know like in show, like cell hide his ki to run away from piccoro and the others, or Krillin and Gohan in Freeza saga, that they not fly to hide the ki from the Scooters. Answer me ;)
  15. Mr.Bugskin

    FirstTime With Bryce

    Well guys this is my first time using bryce and heres mine what i made Click on my profle and go to my site and see the wonders!
  16. H

    DBZ Powers

    This might sound dumb but if u could have powers like on DBZ what would u use them for. Me i would kill everyone and every thing in my way:devgrin: and blow away planets:rolleyes:
  17. HyperSaiyaman

    Ultra super saiyans

    This is like Ultra Super Saiyans looks like try to make them you want regret it: Ultra Vegeta Ultra Trunks
  18. T

    Austin powers soundpack

    i just got the idea its a comical thing so if anybody wants me to do it please tell me
  19. S

    Hidding Powers & Taunts

    have these been suggested? like an Auto Taunt like in UT2003/URT, and hide your powers by pressing "H" then when every you attack it turns off, like turbo, it turns off when you power up. It should go to like 1. or somthing,
  20. P

    Kai planet

    I think that someone should make a map for teh kai planet. I think that the z-sword should be put in too. I would attempt to make it but im working on a model right now. Think about it