1. KilledWithStyle

    The All Powerfull Love Thread

    This is just a verry simple game. Heres how it works: Compliment the person before you in some mannor/shape/form , I dont care. Hint: You don't have to know the person, just complement him/her based on what you see from them. Just have fun.
  2. O

    Kiblobs after powerfull beam/ball shots

    I think some sort of powered kiblob should appear when fired a powerfull beam/ball. In the show you see plenty of times some sort of kiblob after an powerfull beam/ball. I think that kiblobs power should depend power of beam/ball and pl of player. So instead of dieing while dont even know...
  3. J fox

    powerfull beams

    iv been going over and over this in my head y not make the beams vaprise the person if it is strong enuff like iv seen on menny of dbz epesodes where the beam or blast is so powerfull that it does not blow up but vaprises the person like the sb agenst kid buu or the super kamehameha on cell from...
  4. C

    Powerfull attack timer

    Im really starting to hate people who sit in a space of the map where they can just Big Bang Or Final Flash the whole goddamed battlefield and kill people without even trying.....Now i know they had to work hard to get to transform but....it gets very annoying when everytime you spawn all you...
  5. UsSj BrOlLy

    When you transform you should get new (more powerfull) attack's

    Like for an instance goku, If you have a goku model you can blast a kamehameha wave. If it could be possible for like if goku changes to ssj4 he should have an 10x kamehameha etcetera.
  6. E

    Goku too powerfull?

    ok i have a question is goku the most powerful he can teleport during a kamahamaha attack he has the spirit bomb in normal mode and he has the most attacks. is there a flaw with goku P.S hes not my fav. Gohan with the adult model is awsome and pwns all
  7. S

    can somebody make freeza more powerfull?

    :paper: can somebody make freeza more powerfull cause i have a friend and he says freeza stinks so could someone make him stronger i would realy apriciate that thx:p
  8. W

    Frieza Disk Less powerfull !

    I think that is much more fair that a frieza disk can be blocked. I'm so fed up with people that are far less powerfull then me, but constantly trowing frieza disks, that kill me instantly. For example, the Krillin disk is great, it doesn't matter that a Krillin disk can kill a person at once...
  9. gandalf

    If this is...?

    I filled in were the link to the sig should be "http://members.lycos.co.uk/gandalf008/hpbimg/goku%galaxy%20copy.jpg" in. what is my mistake?