1. Mccdbz5

    ESF-World POTM

    I'm not sure if this has already been posted, and if it has, just delete the topic, but here it is:
  2. M

    Esf-World POTM

    super cool ..... we all have seen the map and the model ... but not the model and the map toghether .. i think it's a good fit don't you ? ....
  3. Son Goku[E.S.F]

    ESF-world Potm

    Hey guys :D i was wondering why the POTM doesnt change on the esf-world beacause is 2 months since last potm:shocked: Thanks :yes:
  4. Mccdbz5

    New ESF-World POTM

    Discuss among us.
  5. Growler

    POTM @ ESF-World

    Hey hey, looking great :) That's the new Buu right? (Didn't ROSAT have a kind of misty white surrounding? hmm, idk)
  6. MopageBoy


    whats the new POTM about? i know it's a model but whats so special about it?
  7. SierraSonic

    New POTM

    What you think? I liek it! XD
  8. D

    Esf Potm

    So what do ya think?
  9. D

    Esf-world potm

    So what do you think o.O
  10. M

    ESF-World's POTM

    What the heck is this? http://www.esf-world.com/images/potm.jpg
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