1. M

    Planet Half-Life POTD

    I just had to post this here: Source: http://www.planethalflife.com/potd/index.asp?id=512665 Note: I didn't send this in, I just noticed it when I went to Planet Half-Life.
  2. M

    Will esf site update more + POTD ?

    ok jocking about the POTD .. i mean jesus .... you'll have to make pics every day .... and i know that this new mod will take a lot more than the others but it wouldn't hurt to give us some proof that you guys are still alive :D .... just a word some thing like this : news: i'm making...
  3. HyperSaiyaman

    Mirror Map!

    Im sick of seeing my chracter back , is it possible to make a map that has mirror to see ours characters faces like quake if it is possible or there is already maps does has mirrors let me know putting that info in this thread, Thank you.
  4. D

    Dark Knights Artwork

    hey hey ive been usin photoshop for a while and i just wanna show some of u guys bit of muh skill ^_^ these are my 2 favorite things i have made so far and what ya think? ^_^
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