1. S

    Portfolio site <3 Skyrider

    http://skiwan.esforces.net/ :O :O :O crit comment etc, you've seen most before, some surprises for some peoples too :P. I'll probably have a lot more stuff on it soon, but I just needed it up while i go applying for jobs. thanks for the hosting Sky <3
  2. Zero-SFX

    Online Portfolio

    I just got my website up and running for my Portfolio. Check it out and look around on it. This is my online Portfolio; feel free to give any feed back on video clips ECT. This is free webhosting by Google, so just simple design. http://sites.google.com/site/garrettlienhard/
  3. I

    mr smo's online portfolio

    are smo's models out for download, if not why did he make them are they for another mod? how could i get my hands on them.
  4. Eclipse

    Vash the Stampede

    first and formost THIS IS NOT FOR ESF! this is for my portfolio and practice I'm posting this here fore some good honest crits. I know i rarely post here but I still would liek some crits. The model sia WIP and I'll try and keep you updated, my polylimit i set for myself is 2500. i hope i can...
  5. TimTheEnchantor

    Quick announcement..., looking for your help

    Alright, I'm going to try something new... Issue.02 on my site is going to be coming up within the next month....this issue will be user oriented..your ideas...your works etc ... can all be hosted on the website to display...(no hosting of images allowed, too much bandwidth). The issue will...
  6. TimTheEnchantor

    Alrighty, new portfolio launching soon..

    Will have pictures via digi-cam, along with some conceptual art along the lines of the internet. It's been a while since I've done this, but the first time I've shared my work w/ people other than my friends and family. Hopefully it will be launched within the next 20 days or so.
  7. SSJ_ReNe


    Hi there everyone, i know that there may have been threads posted already about skinning tutorials, but i need to get my hands on some of them, as many as possible. Because i want to bring my drawing talent into the skinning ^_^ So if any of you have links to good skinning tutorials please...
  8. S

    Meh Portfolio Site

    hello :o i decided it was time to update my site, so I did. but, my upload speed is all messed up, so I cant upload the content yet, but you guys CAN comment on the layout. http://www.modstrike.com/lee C&C Welcome
  9. Q

    New Portfolio Layout....

    Well i decided i'd make a portfolio site for myself so i spent the better part of this morning (about 2 hours) putting this one together is photoshop. I really think it turned out well but i can see places where I am going to have to tweak and move things around and I'm gonna have to add a...
  10. S

    My Own Portfolio Site!

    hey guys, i noticed that most skinners, modellers, coders, and great 2d artists have their own portfolio sites... some are pcjoe, xstortionist, jboskma, and tons others... anyway i started working on one of my own and i drew it out in paint with the pencil thingy(not really) ... i actually drew...
  11. xstortionist

    I need opinions on 2 of my portfolio sites....I CANT CHOOSE!!!! need your help!!!

    I made like 5 portfolio sites, and I narrowed them down to 2 layouts. I want to know which layout looks best. http://www.blank-man.com/xstortionist/portsite4.jpg or http://www.blank-man.com/stortionist.html
  12. greentaco

    Just some art stuff...

    Just thought I'd post some of my most recent work up: http://home.neb.rr.com/skidoo/portfolio2.jpg http://home.neb.rr.com/skidoo/portfolio1.jpg http://home.neb.rr.com/skidoo/home1.jpg Some crit would be cool. Noah GreenTaco