1. M

    New Kid POO sig.

    Newest sig. c&c... :tired:
  2. G

    I have a quation about modelling!!

    I there Guys. I have a question, if I made a model in 3Ds Max, what do I need to do to make him a model that I can poot in the game???
  3. Jonesdaniel

    New video card = poo fps....HELP!

    Ive just replaced my tnt2 pro with a geforce mx 420 and my fps went from good to poo. I mean...on cs i used to be able to play any map with about 50-60 fps with no lag what so ever on the maps, but now i get better fps (i touch 99.9 in some places ffs) but in alot of areas they poo down to 20-30...
  4. T

    Buu Saga Vegeta Request

    Is anyone currently working on a skin for the current vegeta to put the buu saga outfit on him? this is kind of a request if tehre isnt one already out there :rolleyes:
  5. Z

    New Akira Wallpapers !

    Which looks best ?
  6. S

    Greatest Picture Ever!

    hahahahah check this ish out...funniest picture ever http://tweak.8k.com/images/flinger2.gif total of like 20 frames and about half an hours work
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