1. S


    Hi all, fist. long time no see ;) second. how much polys does a hl model needs because i think 217,257 is kinda much :S thirth. and how much hl2?? well, already thnx for reading this threath C ya, The Great SaiyaMan strikes again.
  2. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Perfect cell tread #2

    Perfect cell tread #2 wip because the prev tread of p cell was closed becuse of ........ , i m making a scond one for tweek , i v mange to do the botom part when the stomach connects the legs OK made back , torso al most done now , looks good , starting to finish back <object...
  3. DBZFever

    i was wondering if anyone wanted to give me modelling lessons

    because the tutorials dont help me
  4. S


    ok some of u may remember i started a sephiroth edit a long time ago when beta 1.1 was first released well (i was tthe first to start a sephy model edit :p) but it suxed lol but with the help of alot of people it is now better then ever! but its still a WIP this pak is going yo...
  5. B0Bmaster40000

    Mech Models!

    ive taken up a little project to make a full mech model replacement for the characters. I think its a cool idea, and i hope you guys like it. Here is a screenie of my WIP mech krillin. I still have to skin the mech part.
  6. C

    Shinomori Aoshi model is finished

    Hey folks here is aoshi,i just finished the model him a few days ago,the polycount is around 3100(with the coat) Critics are of course welcome =) <a href="http://www.rkr.ravencommunity.net/ced/img/aoshi/aoshirfront.jpg"><img...
  7. Z

    need modlers mappers coders

    hy its me again wel here is an update for about the mod: dragongod went out of the mod we got a great modler kaioshin we got evilgohan in the mod he is a mapper we got marx mapper 2 we got 4 models done : kirby medabee goku normal goku ssj3 link wip and we are stil looking...
  8. X

    3ds Max

    Sup Peoples. I am starting a thread with 3DS MAX modelling tutorial links. I would like everyone to contribute. Here they are: http://merlin.zsnes.com/tutorials/modeling/index.html http://www.planetquake.com/q3manga/oldsite/modelling_tut1.htm http://membres.lycos.fr/some1modeling/...
  9. SSJ_ReNe


    Hi there everyone, i know that there may have been threads posted already about skinning tutorials, but i need to get my hands on some of them, as many as possible. Because i want to bring my drawing talent into the skinning ^_^ So if any of you have links to good skinning tutorials please...
  10. S

    Nutsy Skin!

    the second i saw this model, i said to myself "I have to skin that." well, I need some crits basically. also, how do you like the blue look? should i add/remove some things? gimme some ideas on what would make it look cool. btw, i just started arms and shirt, etc, so i havent spent...
  11. D

    gouping in gmax

    is there a simalar way to group things in gmax as in milkshape. basicly i have my model as one object at the moment but i want to put my skins on it, how can i group diffrent areas for skinning. i have tryed the 3dmax tutorial at POLYCOUNT but its diffrfent from gmax and i dont know how im...
  12. V

    Polycount pull - UT2k3 texture

    Heya freaks, thought I'd show you this w.i.p as well. Someone named Neolith over at the polycount forums made the model and posted the SDK in the thread. This is what I've gotten done so far:
  13. E

    New Character

    Hey, Aaint done a character model for a while...anyway Ive been surfing a few art forums and just checking out some origional pics, and really liked this one by SSJ-Dan, seeing as i aint gonna release them i think its fine for me to try modelign them? anyway, here it is, i cant seem to check the...
  14. E

    Calsonic Skyline

    Ive been modeling for gta3 lately cuz i wanted to be abel to do more than humans so i leant to model cars.......heres my 3rd car, my nismo, heres a older picture but its coloured: and heres the latest one but without the colourng: critz plz :P
  15. E

    hl skeleton

    im full of questions i guarantee its my last about modeling so i wunt bug u guys no mo :P i went to polycount made a model with tut in about 20 mins im astonished i got so far and i need to set a skeleton i tried theyr file and tried to do waht they said to merg it into ms 3d and the file they...
  16. E


    i ask perdy please somone teach me how to use milkshape 3d :)
  17. S

    POlycoUnT PimPAs

    if you have ever skinned something in the polycount pimpas section then post it here... i will post mine later... **UpDaTe** here is a polycount pimpa model im working on now, kinda looks like jboskma's, he should post his.. here it is... about 30 min in progress...
  18. D


  19. G

    look at my model, who should it be?

    I was making a generic human model, but I was wondering who do you think I should make it into? Goku, Vegeta? so far its like 1100 polys, also is it any good???????? I want to make it vegeta but i dunno
  20. Akhkaru


    Off-topic but... SS_Vegeta, where'd you get a tutorial ot make models like that? Because Pcjoe told me you make models with Milkshape 3D, and you make it Vertex By Vertex, so I was wondering where you could get me a tut. to teach me that style.