1. Deathshot

    EVE Online Politics

    http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/62818 Didn't play Eve for very long but I'm very interested in the politics in that game and also in the drama started by the basic human nature in a virtual environment such as Eve. Discuss and if any of you guys know more about this scandal, by all means...
  2. sub

    Religion in politics

    I'm curious as to what everyone's opinion on religion in politics is. I personally don't believe it should have any place in politics at all, yet some of the presidential hopefuls for the election of '08 see it as core to their campaign. Take MittRomney's speech yesterday at the presidential...
  3. saiyanslayer


    hey. I know i can discus this else were, but i wanted to know the opions of fellow gamers. Is Bush's politics to hard? To me he looks like someone backed into a corner and is coming out fists swinging, and maybe at the wrong people.but what i've heard of sadam, he needs to go.
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