1. |Overlord|

    West Pole TV

    http://newgrounds.com/portal/view/299796 Laughed my ass of after watching this flash.
  2. V

    Taking a Pole on Programming

    which one is better for programmming Flash C++ Java C DirectX3D or anything
  3. S

    Kid Goku!

    Hi, what do you think about my kid goku whit his Powerpoll, it´s not done yet so critesize all you want, the animations are done, just the head and the skin! Greatings: Ran-D Kid Goku
  4. CM

    Power Pole Goku (ANIMATOR NEEDED!)

    Ok, i need someone good to animate the powerpole. Make him use it like a sword trunks uses. PM me if you want to try to animate. DO NOT PM me if u do not have experience. EDIT: he will have a strap soon.
  5. sexyasian86

    GT Chibi Goku with Power Pole

    well, i edited the skin on a model that Shijing edited. the model that Shijing edited was originally from God Gundam. well i'm done with my credits, but so far. here is an update on what i skinned. gonna try and add a new blue Gi on him, cause i don't like the color into the pants. but what...
  6. M

    Power Pole?

    Somebody in another thread was suggesting that Goku have something else differentiating him from everyone else, since everyone steals the kamehameha. However, i couldnt re-find that thread to respond there. ::sorry:: Then a random idea: Power Pole. I dunno, you can make something up...
  7. Megasaxon

    New sig/avatar

    Not that anyone really cares, but im bored, so you all can look at my new avatar and sig. so, ner! :P *gets back to working on site*