1. VideoJinx

    The ingredient revealed as your daily poison?

    Hrm.. I'm fairly sure most of you brush your teeth. Now which paste you use I can't say, but I can say many of them if not all contain "Sodium Flouride". Interesting enough I did alittle researching on this "popular ingrediant", and guess what o.O it's poisen, or a "waste product". Yet, isn't...
  2. Optimus Prime

    What's Your Poison?

    When you like getting liquored up of course. Bottled Beer Heinekin Budweiser MGD Corona On Tap Rickard's Red Stella Artois Alexander Keith's Red (can only get it out east) Least Favourite Beers Molson Canadian Labatt Blue Alexander Keith's Post your poison.
  3. Rayna


    I decided to post this one. So what do yah think, should I replace any of my current ones with it? And 'course C&C btw.
  4. xstortionist

    Shogo Mods New Swords and Dagger Set.

    Well, I've sorta noticed that shogo really didn't have any weapons made or anything..exception for the one that jenny made the other night ;) So I figured since I got a sprained ankle and all that I'd make a little swords and dagger set for our Mod...here they are. WIP with some of them <img...