1. Enix

    Poetry Corner

    Post some poetry, you know you want to... [english finals made me do it] just some stuff i thought of while doing an english final: Broken Cycle- Things just seem to repeat, like a record player surrounded by glass with a broken record playing inside. It won't stop untill you muster up...
  2. Scorcher2k


    Sence we have the rap battle going on I thought I would go ahead and make a thread for people to post poems of their own. Absolutely no putting down other people's writings unless they ask for friendly critisism. I think most language should be fine as its not made to go around the language...
  3. A


    I made this out of boredom: Wasnt shure which color I liked: Which one?
  4. sexyasian86

    GT Chibi Goku with Power Pole

    well, i edited the skin on a model that Shijing edited. the model that Shijing edited was originally from God Gundam. well i'm done with my credits, but so far. here is an update on what i skinned. gonna try and add a new blue Gi on him, cause i don't like the color into the pants. but what...
  5. A

    M.O.D vegeta

    This was made by our own talented J for the mod called M.O.D. And this is one of our maps
  6. B

    ssj2 Gohan.

    I have some screens of a model i made, but nowhere to postem =/ so anyhelp would be nice (and im forum impaired)
  7. A

    My best work

    I was just working for an hour and a half and made this: I like it :) tools: PHOTOSHOP
  8. A

    Ice Freeze

    I made a new WP/design thing.. Critz?
  9. A


    I made up a word! Naturalilty, to go with my new design. or http://www.angelfire.com/poetry/crackerjack/nature.html.jpg Critz please.
  10. A

    My drawing

    :laff: Critz?
  11. TimTheEnchantor

    My poetry & prose thread..

    ..:: Death Breeds ::.. You think you know me, You want to know me, All you do is destroy me, Inside and out. What did I do to deserve this? Maybe I am falling in the abyss.. Why am I gloomy? Did I deserve to be lonely? What did you do to eat me alive? Maybe you decided to be rich with...
  12. K

    Poetry 2

    The last thread was kinda killed, so me makes a new one. Plz, no critz on poems unless the author asks. This poem i wrote...it is very personal and i'd appreciate it if you would just read it and not crit it. It hurt to get it out and i just want to share it bcuz i can't hold on to it. My...