1. S

    Help Plzzzz

    hey. can someone plz send me the model pack for evm i will really be greatfull [email protected]
  2. Ouchyz

    HELP plzzzz

    Anyone have Active GIF Creator that can help me?? iv learned how to use all buttons and controls and stuff but i need help with 1 small thing!?
  3. P

    plzzzz help!! :cry:

    ok i have steam and i downloaded esf. So there is an icon of esf on my comp and when i click on it it opens up counter strike... everytime... and when i click on steam and go to my games there isnt esf.. i only have the icon and its in my programs... but it always goes to counter strike plz help me!
  4. K

    plzzzz help me

    i cant play ESF with steam because my cd key is allready in use so can someone plzz tell me how i play it without steam
  5. V

    PLZZZZ help me

    where can i down some cool skins for esf cause i heard lots about some skins and i just want to see some for my self so plzzzzzzzzzzzz leave a url where i can down skins ta and cu on esf servers some time
  6. Logan4434

    ssj script?

    ok i tried to get it on RS but the link is down.couls someone gimme a link to it?(yes i know you dont need it for beta but i like to play alpha and it would be nice)PLZZZZ
  7. G

    help plzzzz

    hi i am new in here and i have been told that i have to get HL so plz tell me from where could i get the game and the real password plz help me :yes: :yes:
  8. A

    help plzzzz

    i installed esforces and i got it working everything was fine till i played thats when i saw this guy holding a gun!!! help someone
  9. D

    Help Me Plzzzz

    I downloaded the esforces and installed it. It all works fine till i try to get into a game then it just brings me back to the destop, no messages. PLZZZZZZZ HELP ME
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