1. I

    Help|can u pls tell me where can i find normal bots for 1.3 openbeta?

    i am using the bots from 1.2.3 but after few min it crash can someone give me link for good bots that doesnt crash the game :D ?
  2. Disguise

    Stances + Transformations; PLs & KI/Stamina Efficiencies

    Okay, here's a re-write. Some of this is common knowledge, some of it is tweaks, etc etc. I'm considering how the entire game would look with these changes, not just a couple of factors, thus I mention them briefly and if I would change anything about them. The main focus of these concepts...
  3. M

    Why i cant ssj4?

    Hi All i transform since the ssj3...why i can't trasform in ssj4??? pls !! have have power point
  4. M

    How to trasform ssj?

    Help How i can trasform in ssj?? pls help!
  5. M

    I habe buyed but give me error the server are occupated ( busy ) ?

    Helppp! i have deleted the steam.dll and no have function...pls help me!
  6. C

    Help pls

    Hello Guys i have downloaded the ESF 1.2.3, ECX RC2 & EcX Big Pack 8.4 I have got Halflife 1 Nonsteam version. I installed everything correctly but i always get this error Could not load halflife/esf/cl_dlls/client.dll I saw someone was posting a fix (fmod.dll) but this wont fix it...
  7. F

    help pls

    hi guys, i have a problem whit esf open beta final. I have installed esf in Half life folder but.... were is the file esf.exe for playing?:cry:
  8. Jay

    Help me pls :-t

    when i open ecx rc 2 with big pack and i want to create a server esf_gero_lab it get me this error :| what can i do...and how?pls :-| I heard about the 512 limit but i duuno how to remove that :| pls help
  9. G

    HELP pls

    sory for the bad english im jung and from german soo i can start the game but i cant join any server and i cant make an server it coms fatal error hunk alloc: faild on ..... (its alweays difrent) bayts :(:( i hope anybody can help me
  10. P

    a little help pls

    Hi all, EDIT: I got a copy of half-life, and i donwloaded the esf open beta from here, and i have a legal steam account, but it doesent recognize the game, i go on games but there is no esf, so can i add it manualy or?
  11. K

    Help pls

    Can any1 tell how can i play this new esf openbeta final without steam? PLS pls i really want to play the game Thanx
  12. imkongkong

    can't find the correct drivers for xp for laptop, HELP PLS

    i've recently purchased this laptop and i want to format and install xp in it instead of vista the Model: M-6862 any help in finding links to...
  13. M

    ESF help pls

    hi i am newbie i dont understand where can i download this game ? and steam do i need to pay that ? pls help i love this game so much
  14. Y

    cant download pls help

    :cry: help!!!!!!!!1 im trying 2 start esf but i cant find how 2 dwnld hlf life 1
  15. W

    Pls help me!

    I am a noobie. I don't know much about esf...but i'm willing to least how to patch it. I Don't know what do i have to do after downloading esf 1.2.3 beta. Can u tell me what should i download and how should I install them all? tx a lot.
  16. Alica_goku_ssj4

    pls help!

    i wanna edit a model and when i try to compile it it gives me this error ********* ERROR ************ cannot find bone hai-mid for bbox . What shud i do to overcome this?
  17. R


    Am not able to play it... I dont know why... i tried with won and still nothing... i dont know how to make it play through steam cause it has been updated... ppls help me!!!:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  18. Mirai_no_Trunks

    Help us to win this one pls .

    I subscribed my nephew into a beauty competition . This is the last day of voting , he is in top , but the competition is tight , so pls be kind and give a 10 for helping him to win the February Competition. thanks in advance.
  19. Raven

    Linux Server Pls

    Pls compile a linux server file so people like me could set up a dedicated server.
  20. LionHeart


    i can't login on my yahoo acount,if i try to change the pass it says that the acount has been deactivated,and if i try to find the acount name it says it doesn exist but if i try to make a new one with the same name it says that it is already in use, now WTF?!?!?!?!??!:cry: