1. veqeta

    Beam Jump Glitche Dem. Included for your viewing pleasure :P

    Well i'm not sure if it's been reported or not, i'm too lazy to read through the archive. well this is the deal, when you beam jump next to someone they die before the head explodes.
  2. Valeska

    Bleeding Pleasure

    Bleeding Pleasure.. Another Styling Signature, Thnx For The Help On THe BG, To Edward Elric..
  3. D

    Wut the heck is a normal

    hey when i go to complie my qc in milkshape it says i have to many normals what the heck are they and how do i correct this problem. thanx for the help peeps
  4. Mewtwo


    I made this one for my own desktop, I don't really want to take credit for it though because the bg is a cropped stock photo with a colour overlay and I just put a bunch of pics on it.
  5. E

    Trunks Heads

    Imma prob model all the trunks heads heres what i got so far!
  6. xstortionist

    Brolli Model Beta 1.0

    heres my brolli model I started yesterday...I'm working on his robe around his waste right now, and will probably finish his head tomorrow. Just thought I would give yall a little peek at him.