1. I

    show ur playlist

    show ur winamp playlists people! if u dont know how, go to misc>opt>generate winamp playlist :smile:
  2. Jonesdaniel

    Playlist does not exist

    Ok, i'l try again. Whenever i try to join any esf server (evm or not) my esf goes to the console (when connecting to a server) and either puts no writing up and just freezes, or says "playlist does not exist" and freezes (when i say freeze, i mean i cant cancel it off, go back to the main menu...
  3. Jonesdaniel

    Playlist problem

    I've tried searching, couldn't find an answer. It seems, whenever i try to join some servers (mainly the evm ones) i get an error message saying "cannot find playlist" and it then freezes my pc (well i cant minimize it or close it or anything) As you can imagen, this is becoming pretty...
  4. Argilus

    Changing the playlist

    Yeah, was getting tired of the same old tunes and so I got some better ones...mp3's of course. Anyone know a link or anywhere on Esf I can some how change this?
  5. M

    playlist mp3 help

    Hello i'm not sure why this is happining to me but my mp3's arnt playing when im in a game even when i hit the start button i have an playlist but i get no musicn Ty for any help :) P.S. i still hear sounds just no music
  6. S

    problem whit my mp3 playlist

    O_o ok I made my mp3 playlist and when i want to add it to the playlist (esf playlist) it failed= Cannot creat playlist.txt. So what do i do for that problem

    Cooler mp3 playlist

    If anyone wants a cooler play list download music of KAZZA by Bruce Falcunor (he does all the dbz music) and add it to the play list. Then you can have kick ass music.
  8. Mr. Satans

    Mr. Satan's Playlist

    I'm Getting Close To Being Done With My Mp3 Collection! I'm stopping @ 1000, then I'll just download all the new songs I like. Anyways, Check Out My Playlist HERE Total Files: 811 Total Size: 3.1 GB Total Length: 49 Hour(s) 57 Minute(s) & 23 Second(s) Average Length: 3 Minute(s) 41...
  9. C

    MP3 Playlist and crashing

    Well, i dont know if this as been posted already or mentioned, and if it has, then im sorry and i should of used search. I create a play list for ESF so i can listen to music in game, i start up ESF and join a server. As soon as i join, Half Life closes. This only happens if i create a...
  10. Mr. Satans

    Playlist Editor (fux0r3d)

    I tried to load an .m3u i had and it froze up but the part where it showed the songs kep flashihg like it was scrolling thru songs. So I had to use Sven Coop's.