1. The Deco

    Need to build ultimate jogging playlist

    So I am resuming jogging and generally working out. I need help in building the ultimate jogging playlist to keep me up and energetic while running. Bands I listen to are mostly The Who, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Queen, Jimi Hendrix, some Rage Against the Machine, R.E.M, some...
  2. N

    esf mp3 playlist

    the esf music wont play ingame. i checked the options menu and i have the mp3 volume all the way up, so i dont know what the problem is.
  3. Disguise

    Playlist Customization

    It'd be cool to expand the flexibility of the Playlist for ESF. Before, I'd play Winamp and disable the music so I could have more control of my own tunes. Playlists could be synced to characters and transformations. For example, Goku transforms, and you hear the sound effects of him screaming...
  4. R

    Playlist problem

    I have installed the game, half-life 1 and Steam. I can launch the game, but when I want to choose "console", a message appears: "No songs in the playlist" (you can see it on the screenshot). And then... Nothing else happens. I must click "escape" to return at the first window...
  5. H

    Playlist help

    Hey i just started using the playlist thing but its crashing... whenever i check the box to enable mp3s and say applyl it crashes. i searched for threads on this but none really help although i think u guys probly know how to fix it. help PLZ THANX
  6. S

    no songs in playlist

    can u please help me i can get esf to load but i cant get it to play it says that there is no songs in playlist ?? and i cant find esf on my steam servers?? thanks for your shadow
  7. E

    Playlist... HELP!!!!

    hey how do i get my playlist to play in the game? and i have evm so how do i get it to play while i play evm as well? O_O :shocked:
  8. Spunky

    What's in your playlist?

    This is much like the "What song are you listening to" thread, but different. Instead of posting 1 song only, you will post your current playlist. I'll start it off with mine. 1. Tool - Sober 2. Tool - Aenima 3. Aphex Twins - Star Wars Theme 4. Coal Chamber - Something Told Me 5. Dave...
  9. S

    Sound Playlist Issue

    sorry about postin this, i read about this thread but now i cant find it so im posting it up myself... When joining an Esf game i have no music from the playlist playing.. i have mp3 clicked in the advance menu, and i have tried that Cl_mp3 1 command.. what should i do any ideas... im...
  10. S

    Esf Playlist.

    ok ive been playing for a while and my playlist was bound as f3... it seems to not be loading/working any more... how do i rebind it. thanks guys :p
  11. suicidal_maniac

    Post Your Playlist
  12. Vuk

    Need hel with playlist

    i cant edit my playlist,i use won ,when i try to edit ,i mean try to open the editor it says this: "couldn,t find the hl/ cs steam location" o_o
  13. D

    Help about playlist!

    When i am playing esf and clicking F8, nothing happens :( i have imported songs to my playlist editor but nothing happens!!! :( plz help me with this one! :]
  14. Vuk

    What? I cant edit my playlist?

    It says i cant open steam hl/ cs/ something like that.... And i bought half-life package :Half-life,CS,Opposing force,Blue shift and i cany locate my cd key on my cd case.i know it sounds funny but i cant.
  15. R

    Playlist Problem

    I just installed the latest version of ESF and its patch. Everything seems to run fine but there is one problem. I can't open my playlist and there is no background music in the game. The no background music doesnt worry me but the no playlist does. Where is my playlist? I can edit the songs in...
  16. U


    my problem is fairly simple...i made a new playlist..saved it...and i'm guessin i saved it in the wrong spot because it's not readin the new ..where should it go?
  17. Shao

    Playlist Editor 2.2

    When I create my list on the right-window of the editor and hit Save, my playlist is not saved in playlist.txt - I checked. I used to use ESF Tool and it worked there, but installing it might have messed something up. I just uninstalled it but that doesn't seem to help, so any suggestions?
  18. A

    PlayList Editor bug

    it wont work i just get this message
  19. Yazuken

    Post ur mp3 playlist.

    Hey. was just wondering what some ppl listen to while there playing esf. anyways, heres my play list. 1.System Of A Down - Angels deserve to die 2.Linkin Park - Pushing me away(Reanimation Remix) 3.Linkin Park - By Myself(Reanimation Remix) 4.Linkin Park - Papercut(Reanimation Remix)...
  20. Masibu

    Playlist editor...

    Yeah there's heaps of mp3 help threads but this is different... i downloaded the full esf 1.2 the other day, i enabled the mp3 player, i got all the mp3's and the game runs fine. i decide to enter my own music so i go to playlisteditor. it just exits with a box about not being able to find the...