1. M

    Play-able characters

    How many playable characters do you want to add the the final game? (if this is answered somewhere else, can i please have a link to it?)
  2. Z

    New FX?

    Hello guys, Haven't been playing ESF for ages now, but just popped by and loved the XMAS trailer. The graffics look amazing. Are those graphics already out in a playable version? Cause the Open Beta link shows screenshots with the old pixely fx. Thanks.
  3. SSJ4boneVegeta

    Dragon Ball Gt: Final Bout on the PSX. Bebi a confirmed playable character.

    So I figured I'd create this thread since I recently popped in my Final bout game the other day. I remembered all the things I used to do to try and unlock all these rumoured characted. If you remember the was a code stating holding select and pressing square would make Bebi a playable...
  4. A

    Questions about playable character

    i entered the gallry and saw ssj3!!!: this old dude: this buu: i played esf before a year and a half and thoes character weren't in the game so i thought to myself "Wow!! finally new characters!!!" i downloaded the game. enter it and i still seeing the 9 old characters... i...
  5. frsrblch

    Playable Rosat?

    Just a thought... but would it be possible to make the new Rosat playable in? I rely alot on points of reference, ie. the ground, to know where I am during a fight, so having an invisible box with a single building in the bottom isn't an ideal (to say nothing of dull) fighting location. Am I...
  6. ZeroNightmare

    Playable WoW Expansion at Blizzcon!

    World of Warcraft Expansion Playable at BlizzCon! The World of Warcraft development team has confirmed that BlizzCon attendees will be able to go hands-on with a playable sneak peek of the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion. For those who won’t be able to attend BlizzCon, please note that...
  7. P

    Is ESF playable with HL2?

    Is ESF playable with HL2? Or do i need Half-life 1? O_o
  8. R

    I need halp, please!

    OK that's my problem: When iam at the end (or at the top) of the map, all objects in the map just DISAPPEAR and i only can see players. How can i fix this problem?!:(
  9. I

    Spirit of Halflife

    I've had this program for a wile...and i think other people should start using it. Its a tool called Spirit of Half-Life and you can get it here It helps map making alot. Open GL is a nice thing to have for this tool. /if you dont have see some strange things. But dont ask me what the...
  10. stiffdog

    is esf playable with cs retail version?

    :cry: AHHH! i need help, i have tried to install esf but it crashes (totally exits) after i create a game and it starts loading. i have downloaded halflife v1.1.1.0 the latest version thinking that would help but it didnt. I do not have the original half-life but i have half-life...
  11. Colgetto

    non playable char. bots

    Why not make bots with skins of non playable char´s like goten and it possible to create a bot with a custom skin and attacks??.-..
  12. C

    Maya from 3dsmax

    Ive chosen to switch to maya before i get too comfortable with 3dsmax. So far i like it alot better but i havent seen alot of mention on useing it to model for esf. As i have not taken any of my models to the finished state im not sure what is entaled..... Long story short... Is it...
  13. X

    The Ultimate Idea!! Adding Goten, Trunks, and Gotenks, and making them more playable!

    I wont say much cause I dont want to make this post too long. But I remember hearing people saying adding Goten and Trunks to ESF Would be a bad idea because they lacked Transformations. And Attacks and Stuff. But my idea is having Goten and Trunks be able to go past Super Saiyan... No...
  14. N

    new map

    Ok, i maded a new map in 2 days of time for quake 3 arena. im not experienced in easygen so the rocks are ****ed up ^^ also remember its my 1st actual playable map :) download: also it AINT for H-L its for Quake 3 peace out
  15. G

    What is your favorite playable Chrono Trigger character?

    What is your favorite playable Chrono Trigger character?
  16. D

    Is Esforces also playable when you got Blue Shift instead off half life

    Is Esforces also playable when you got Blue Shift instead off half life?? (pretty obvious question but i think not everybody knows this yet so i ask :\) thnx for your time;)
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