1. Viper

    Gaikai - The new Online Gaming Platform When this goes live it will be a hit. I played Bulletstorm and Crysis 2 both on my PC and using Gaikai. I got better FPS and visual on Gaikai. I can't wait!
  2. C

    ESF 1.2.3 + ECX or EVM Problem Linux Platform

    Hello, if someone could help me or give me a hind, that would be nice. If i start a Server normally everythings fine, but if i try to load EVM or ECX i got this AMXX Errors L 06/20/2011 - 01:36:36: [AMXX] Plugin needs newer debug version info (plugin "EvolutionX.amxx") L 06/20/2011 -...
  3. M

    Suspended Platform Effect

    I was wondering if anyone knew how to get a brush act like a suspended platform, slowly moving up and down as if suspended in air.
  4. N

    New DBZ Mod Platform

    I found an interesting game that has been released a while back. It will serve a an awesome engine for the next DBZ mod. Best part is that the developers want people to make mods, and they are going to release a mod kit soon. 3DSMax modeling Better to mod a 3D fighter than...
  5. Suh Dude

    PlatForm thingy lol

    Well, i was messing with the photoshop and the distort tool...and i came with this to meh, i dont like it at all, but i'll just show it to you guys so you can crit on it and i could do a another one :).
  6. ZuL

    ZuL Statue

    I made a statue of my comic book character, my best work ever actually. I was hoping you would like how it looks, cuz i need crits...
  7. S

    Sky Map?

    I would love having a mid air map, where you can duke it out among the clouds... I mean, there would be white fluffy clouds, but inside all the fluff there's an invisible platform, so if you fly runs out you can land on one of those. In the distance you should be able to see Kami's tower...