1. M

    8 Planets...

    Well, now there's 8 planets in our solar system, Pluto being the one cut off. Pluto is now considered a "dwarf planet" and the other three have yet to be identified (beyond Pluto). Article: Another interesting note is that school...
  2. DragonDude

    Your Age On Other Planets I'm on pensioner on Mercury, yet a toddler on Uranus. =O
  3. Effigy


    Hey guys this is my first attempt at a planet in photoshop and it looks kinda dodge so i was wonderin if u guys could give me some suggestions how to improve? thnx :p
  4. Death The Jedi

    Galactic Tornado

  5. S

    map request

    map request can someone make a map with parts that you can destroy. something like city were parts of biuldins blow up when there damaged anouth. or cars parked on the steed etc. and come some one make a forest map. a huge forest with gokus hous in the midle
  6. K

    King Kai's Planet

    lol I thought it would be cool to have a map of King Kai's planet, and if you were able to total move around the planet like flying or walking or am I just crazy?