1. dutchmeat

    Pizza is a vegetable? WHAT ?

    Source: Really ? Isn't April Fools' supposed to be in April ?
  2. Soulicro

    Pizza Anyone?

    The 14" PowerPizza Anti-theft, Anti-shock, Anti-style
  3. D

    How do you like ur pizza ?

    -*TOPiC*-\ ..............\\ \----------\\
  4. Alteh

    pizza hut!!!!!

    I don't know where that came from
  5. DragonDude

    Destructo Pizza?!

    <img src=""> Never edited sprites before, so I guess this'd be my first attempt. I had this idea awhile ago but just thought of trying it myself today. I just make it 'cuz I was bored and needed a laugh, but if anyone actually wants...
  6. The Noodler

    Samurai Pizza Cat Sig, Its Polly ^_^

    I made this sig cuz i was bored and have nothin else to do, im not sure if i want to use it so thats why there is no text yet. i hade to save it as a bitmap cuz anylower and it would look like crap, anywayz, critz.
  7. The Noodler

    Just a quick pic i drew

    Yea i drew this like about a weak ago, fomr a ref pic i dont know where i put that. anyways its the samurai pizza cats ( if anyone around her remebers them) and i drew them in kinda of a matrix look, well her it is:
  8. M

    Pizza Matrix no flaming just comments =D

    Highly original work by the wonderful ppl at something awful if u haven't seen it heres the link =D.
  9. P

    Pizza looks for good ESF players

    Ok, i am looking for some1 good, or better then me. come to #PBS on irc. :)
  10. L

    For Samurai Pizza Cats Fans - please don't ban me... :)
  11. U

    Pizza Rats..he he he

    Do you think Pizza rats..i mean cats suc*
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