1. TimTheEnchantor

    Anyone else get urked by this?

    I think when someone posts something, and people either say they don't see anything or say it looks crappy..ever wonder if those people ever have made things themselves or whether or not they look deeper than that it's just a "image". This happened over on another forum where one kid said that...
  2. G

    map makers??

    I would like to start making maps but I don’t know what to use does any 1 have a info for me plz And if it is all possible can you also give me some map tutorials thx
  3. S

    Not a bug but it pisses me off!!!

    I hate how it is always the person with the most DEATHS that has the highest POWER LEVEL!!! Once I had 50 kills with 5 deaths and I had about 10,000,000 PL (non-ssj). Then I saw this moron who had 10 kills with 30 deaths and he had about 14,000,000 PL!! I know there is supposed to be a...
  4. S

    Bonzi Bloody

    well i made a little crapy pic i hate the monkey...... ;( *EXPLETIVE DELETED* *EDIT* Try not to swear, okay? We have an anti-cuss rule around here for a reason... -Chimpbot- *EDIT*