1. SuperSaiyan -3

    Kicked For Ping

    I'm always getting kicked for ping when i join the server. My ping is usually around 150 and i dont havea problem with it. But a few moments after i join i get kicked for having a ping over 100. Is there a way to lower my ping?
  2. M

    High fps and ping

    Hi, I downloaded the 1.2.3 version and 1.3 version a view days ago and wanted to play esf, but when i log on a server i have a minimum 300 ping and highest fps was 5 till yet. Even if i create a Lan server i have these low fps. Does anybody knows how to fix that? My PC should be good enough...
  3. En'me

    Ping issue

    Yo. It appears I have been confronted with a weird and annoying ping issue, especially the latter. I'm using ESF v. 1.2.3 with STEAM and have correctly installed it. Obviously I have a legimit copy of Half Life 1. The thing is, after a long time I've re-installed ESF, which happend...
  4. sub

    Apparently I get -1 ping

    I reformatted my computer about a week ago. Anyways, now whenever I use steam, the server browser pings are messed up.. Check this out -1 ping in spades server (seriously, wtf?), 10 - 20 ping in servers I should be getting 100 and 2000 ping in a server I get 9 ping in. This is only a...
  5. H


    hey was sup guys. i seem to be having ping issues in the all of the servers. for example last night i was on the ZR server and i usually get about a nice 9-12 ping there but for sumreason ma ping was going up to like 300+ then goes back down to 12 and up too 100, it just kept going up and down...
  6. D

    Low Ping Server Physics

    What'sitdo? It's a server side option, and I'd like to know what effects it has.
  7. M

    Client's Ping Slows Down Server?

    Today, I was playing on a squad server in Battlefield 2142, and my average ping was around 150. About a couple of minutes later, one of the players starts telling me to leave the server because I was slowing it down. Eventually, this individual started spouting insults and such, then left (or...
  8. VideoJinx

    Ping fairness

    hrm i had an idea about the knock back distance being related to the ping to create a fairness in gameplay between a 200 pinger and a 60 ping or w/e possibly the higher the ping the higher the knock back distance
  9. I

    HLDS Ping Booster

    I'm not really sure how to setup HLDS Ping Booster with your ESF 1.2.3 Dedicated Server. Can anyone help? =\
  10. D

    High ping

    Hey folks..on almost all servers, my ping is about 150. This is really wierd because in almost all games I get pings of under 100... What could be causing this? Should I open some ports? Do I need to disable my router's firewall?
  11. S


    I dont understand this, I've had this problem for at least 2 months now, my ping in online games is a hell of a lot higher than it should be, I mean, i cannot find 1 server in counterstrike/esf/jedi academy etc that is less than 100 ping. I used to be able to go into servers and have anything...
  12. Mccdbz5

    Enourmous ping at certain times

    Well, almost everytime I get on ESF, during the night, I always have enourmous ping. When I got on today, it was at 150 in the lowest latency server. It's been going on since about January. I don't know what the problem is, but I hope someone can help me out. Thanks.
  13. Raeku

    Me now has steam but ping is 400+

    I read somewhere in a thread about tips on how to lower ping, but I cant find it using the search forum thing. Can anyone help me with a few tips. Also I live all the way down at South-Africa so thats probably the main reason. Its fun to play online though, even when I get owned :smile:
  14. ~*Logan*~

    Ping is rising at an incredible rate!!!!

    I dunno what to do! I tried everything! I turned off any programs eating up memory (and this computer is wicked fast and has lots of memory to go around), I turned off any firewalls, I turned off virus and spyware scans...I turned everything off! I even did many restarts! And the ping just keeps...
  15. C

    Lowering Ping

    Is there any way I can lower my ping? I'm on a DSL connection (which get's about 200kbps-300kbps) and I was wondering if there was any special methods. Also, is there anyway I can tell if I'm about to enter a US server or not before actually entering them? Any server that's out of the US lags...
  16. S

    Ping question.

    I cannot play in most public servers due to my outrageous ping. Now, I was just wondering how to get it down ? Back in my MoH days, I would just use something like ad-aware and it would go down. I havent been able to use ad-aware as of late because theyre new version always locks up on my ****...
  17. O

    ping jumping problem

    Well a friend of my tweaked my settings of all my steam games but now my ping jumps from 30-150 or even 200 sometimes. When there are many things happening on my screen in ESF or CSS my ping begins to jump up and down. Look at a wall and ping remains stable. ;/ Before the tweaking I never...
  18. X

    Matrix Ping Pong.

    Hey guys, go here! Look on the right side, with the Teal Colored list, and look for "Matrix Ping Pong" click on "More" and view it!
  19. grOOvy

    FPS / PING / LAG - HELP!

    OMG I R HAVING TEH SUX0RZ FPS, HELP MEH!!!11one! ----------------------------------------------------- Firstly, relax. Before deciding to go and make a 1-line thread complaining about low-ping, low-fps or lag, please make an effort to read through this post. PING Ping is a program that...
  20. grOOvy

    Better Your Computer (+FPS/+Performance/-Ping)

    OMG I R HAVING TEH SUX0RZ FPS, HELP MEH!!!11one! ----------------------------------------------------- Firstly, relax. Before deciding to go and make a 1-line thread complaining about low-ping, low-fps or lag, please make an effort to read through this post. PING Ping is a program that...