1. Dzamija

    Need help 'pimping' a friend's pic.

    Alright, so today a friend of mine, who's in a heavy metal band, asked me to edit a picture of him, pimp it up, if you'll pardon the cliche, and basically make it 'deathly'. Now, I applied my experience and knowledge in PS to put something together, and while he likes it, I feel it can still...
  2. S

    Car Model Pimping and Other

    Hi guys finally decided to come over to the boards with a little suprise. Like all things decided to move rol with the times and port the mod from quake 3 over to Unreal 2004. This is mainly so we can get our vehicles into the game alot nicer and without ridiculous coding. So with saying that...
  3. G

    Ned's Vegito Model

    This can be spam and i'd like this to be Q&A CLOSED but i wanna know: What's the deal on the Ned Art Vegito model?? You can't download it anywhere, but its soooooo great. Don't flame me i want awsers only not flames telling me i'm stupid for asking.
  4. S


    Well, I have some work so I thought of Pimping it and here I am :) heres my Deviant Id. And...... Please reply with either Suggestions or Comments! :D
  5. P

    Pimping harsens dev journal:)

    Harsens just posted his first dev journal, it features krillins new "multi beam" attack, which he uses in the sayajin saga(Vegeta+nappa vs the z fighters). It works pretty well ingame:) It definatly gives the little squirt a slight advantage.