1. KarrdeKNR

    Pimpin' for Philippe

    Yeah so I meant to do this months ago, but I've been to busy to figure out how to link from the Beta FTP. And yes I have Masta's permission to do this so no tester harp on me ;P So anyway, like back in August, I went to Anime Iowa, and they were holding a kind of dance party/club style dance...
  2. C

    Jus Pimpin ;) (EEA Trunks)

    This Model was made by nuttzy, and skinned by Element for EEA, were still alive, kicking, and this is just a taste of what we have coming. Were not far from release either ;-) :laff: We also have a new feature, but more about that later.
  3. TeKNiK

    Kuwbaras Pimpin New Sig..

    All photoshop.. critz/comments anyone..
  4. Froggo

    Gotenks - Saiyan Crusades

    Just pimpin', Just pimpin'.. And i did NOT make the model, Mistery X did but he is banned so im posting this in his place :D.
  5. Ryoko

    Some Ah My Goddess wallpapers (not mine)

    Someone I know wanted comments on these wallpapers he made. They are simple, but they do look pretty good. Can you say which you like better and why please? http://members.lycos.co.uk/bartwork/galleries/wallpapers/wallpaper_belldandy1.1.jpg
  6. E

    What Ive been working on Lately (new model)

    2000 polys, dunno WTF it is, just make up summin by looking at random demon concept arts....ermmmm, if its too dark, ill post more pics, i just liekd the scary look (1st pic is light, not coloured proper)
  7. S

    pimpin? hey its my job

    I have some Models done over the ages a knife Car and my plaine tell me what you think