1. KidMan

    Vegeta vs. Pikkon

    Vegeta vs. Pikkon. Vegeta is after Cell Saga, Pikkon is after his fight with Goku. Who would win?
  2. U

    pikkon vs ssj2 teen gohan

    in ep 180 pikkon took dawn super perfect cell by a kick. but there is something fishy here. what would happan if pikkon vs ssj2 teen gohan. who will win?
  3. Super Veggeto

    Pikkon WIP (lol)

    Nothing to do with the Kompetition. I already "finished" this model a bit after the Kompetition started, I wanted to post it after the poll opened so...here it is: Still WIP over all, I'm open for crits and still dont have the uncaped version done but that will come later. =3
  4. B

    Pikkon - Texture time

    Is weekend so I decided to give this guy a skin since he screams for one: still wip so stay on it - 武士道
  5. Chakra-X

    And Then There Was Pikkon...

    After viewing a couple of Budokai Tenkaichi 2 screenshots, I remembered how strong Pikkon was when he made his appearance. However, not a lot is said about him. I am curious to who he could be compared to power-wise? He seemed to make easy work of Cell yet could match Goku who had lost to...
  6. Neon

    Pikkon! o.O

    Still working on the vest a bit.. though I wouldn't mind any crits for it. C&C please.
  7. Robo_Killa

    Pikkon model o_o

    well heres a pikkon WIP that i was bugged to make by Zymeth -.-, that ive been working on for a couple of hours. and i didnt have that good of refs so yeah...... i'm also making him with the vest,cape and hat thing cuz again zymeth is bugging me for it o_o, jk :D c&c
  8. Imp.GuranGa

    [WIP] Pikkon Rebirth

    My very first model I modeld in my life was Pikkon and that was about 2 ore 3 jears ago now I'm back with a other pikkon one thats better (not much I dont model alot ) The one thing I realy hate on this model is the head I just can't figure out what O_o Critz and drawover would be appriciated...
  9. Growler

    Pikkon GMAX

    Ok, I've decided to toss ms3d and start using gmax. On that note... I REALLY LIKE GMAX! anyway, here is my first (attempt) model in gmax, c + c please (I couldnt get mirror to work properly, no clue why, help me!) (also... I know the neck is too wide, workin on that)
  10. Growler


    I drew this in like an hour, I really like it. C + C please.
  11. Growler


    Idk why, but I could post in my other pikkon thread, so I made a new one. Update: C+c please
  12. Growler

    Need help... Pikkon

    Started it tonight... I need help on the lips and the face, cause when i mirror it, it looks retarded... C&C on this p.o.s...
  13. C

    pikkon v3

    blah blah skin by sv *edit* fixed pic
  14. C

    Pikkon release..

    http://www.igclan.com/esf/models/pikkon.zip pikkon :P Credits to: Me (CrackerJack/Un1imi73d) Nuttzy Shijing Morone :fight:
  15. N

    Your technique?

    I would like to know what techniques the good modelers use to make models for like people. Box modeling, poly by poly modeling, these are just examples of what im talking about so what is the most reliable way? I ask this cuz well i have trouble with human/saiyajin models. I looked thru the...
  16. A

    Pikkon wip!!!

    This model IS for esf.. Nuttzy's said he will give a try at skinning it and shijing is gonna do some stuff on it aswell.. Im gonna use the sprites shijing made for the old pikkon unless he wants to make new ones.. critz? he has not feet yet..
  17. S

    GSF-site has no respect for modelers

    ||QUOTE|| (this was posted by Logan) ok 5 count them FIVE of my model packs are on http://www.gsf-united.de/ all of them you can only get on MY site and they couldnt even remember my goddamn NAME. ||QUOTE|| They should take it off their site beg you for mercy and give proper credits...
  18. J

    dead pack

    for the people who want it; I've edited a few models to create a 'dead pack' here's a pic: http://lizzard.virtue.nu/picture.JPG COPY & PASTE I didn't host the pack yet, does anyone know a place where I can host it? oh, to avoid mistakes, I only edited it....:laff: *edit* credits here...
  19. K

    pikkon pack

    were do i install it ?ive tried extracting it every where but no pikkon.......plz help i appreciate it. oh also the readme file doesnt help all ti says is extrac to proper folder/s
  20. A

    Pikkon pack Release!

    Go get it here: http://filedb.redsaiyan.net/filedb.php?action=file&id=258