1. Nemix

    Pikachu 3D

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kV9MSToiIk Model Statistics: Vertices: 451 Triangles: 896
  2. Enix


    Don't ask, its one of those things I just had to do :(... It's mapped, so im going to skin it later... (im puttin it in esf and ts when its done)
  3. jp

    New GIF movie, don't look if you like Pikachu

    Okay, i i was bored once again, and i saw pokemon again on TV, so i got some inspiration. :S Its pretty smooth (at least on my computer), i hope its smooth here to. And yes, i do have made some mistakes :p , again, the hole in the ground, is suddenly gone by the last atack! :fight...
  4. N

    who sais pikachu is stupid

    i was bored so i search some pikachu pic's :\ lokk wat i found on google. so that's what pika want's whit ash :laff: now what is he, a boy or a girl :laff:
  5. Enix

    Pikachu Model

    I decided to make a new pikachu model for Pokemod, i other one wasnt very.....cute...at all....and so i made a new one, Check it out C&C please:D.