1. GoldSaiyan

    Funny Picture

    This is a picture that I've made in a few seconds. ESF OGC HOOK! Super Melee aimbot! Super Wallhack! Super skinhack! Super.... AAGGGHHHHHHHH system crash! Screen is going overboard. @[email protected] :D http://www.angelfire.com/dragon/lightmagic/HalfLife35.jpg
  2. [SAS]Orion

    Orion made a wp? no way!

    I did indeedy, its been soooooo long since I even tried to make one o.O I went with a basic style again, but i'm pleased with the results. Filesize approx 190kb. What do you people think? What should I change?
  3. Stanz

    Good Trunks Pic?

    Do any of you have a good picture of trunks that I can use with a darkish look maybe with a black background?
  4. DogLord

    Perfect Cell

    Hi everybody...it's been a while...heres a perfect cell i made out of the original cell2 model from ESF.....probably not in high demand but i looked for a few days and never found one......it'll be up for download in a few hours http://home.centurytel.net/diablo/images/perfect%20cell%20copy.jpg...
  5. Skyrider

    just for people to know! (all models/mappers/sprite makers)

    i just want to let you people know that i am a redsaiyan staff member. that means i can upload your stuff to to redsaiyan site. even its not online right now. i can upload it. just Prive message me. or email me at [email protected] ( email is the best thing. if my pm gets to full )...
  6. R

    i want to ask how to get picture under the thread?

    :] i want to ask how to get picture under the thread? or in signature or somethin like that;)
  7. ultrassj_vegeta

    new gundam wp

    new gundam wallpaper.. crits