1. Nuttzy

    Cheap Valentines Ideas

    ok guys, I know im like the 2nd oldest guy here but Im in a pickle. I am unemployed, I have little to no money, and I really really want to try and break my record for how many times I got laid in one night (currently 4, for those wondering, she lives with her mother and has kids so I still...
  2. Phobius

    Happy Birthday Pickle!

    Happy Birthday Cucumba! Will you hold my pickle?! Alright well if you don't want to hold my pickle, can I tickle your pickle?!
  3. Phobius

    phobs is in a bit of a pickle

    Alright so heres my problem and any solutions that you can come up with would be great. I just installed a new motherboard, CPU and Ram and when I try to boot up my system with my old HDD's from the old one my computer shutsdown after the loading bar of windows finishes then comes up saying...
  4. J

    Happy birthday ultra pickle!!!

    i dunno who you are, but your name sounds awsome, and its your birfday! o/ happy birthday to everyone else too =]
  5. A

    normal gohan model

    its my best model :) i work 19 hours on it and???
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