1. D

    More characters?

    Um..I don't know if this goes against ESF's copywrite rules or anything, but is it possible to choose more characters? Ie-have more than 9 or ten, or whatever they have at the moment? And if so, how?
  2. rabid ostrage


    Hey guys, I just wanted too kno is someone working on a piccalo model? like him with a cape or something. Cause I think piccalo is really cool but his ESF model is kinda lame. I want it like AzNs battle damaged Gohan model. that is sweet
  3. rabid ostrage

    Piccalo Help

    Hey guys... If any of you play piccalo i need your help.. I can use him alright and get an average score of about 15 and 9 but I wana kno if theres any way that i could improve my skillz with him