1. dan_esf_fanatic

    Happy birthday, LionHeart and Phobius!

    Well, my birthday just ended, and you've already taken over, you impatient bishes xD. lol j/k, happy birthday you two. Have a good one. You'll have to share this one xD
  2. Spunky

    Happy Birthday Phobius!

    Happy b-day to the saber-wielding supermoderator, Phobius! Hope you have a good one, bro. Note: He isn't listed under today's birthday's on these boards, but he is on mine.
  3. A

    Happy b-day Phobius

    Well Happy B-Day hope u have a great day if it's ur actual birthday cuz it says on the forums O_o :yes: :yes: :yes: Well Happy b-day Love, Killa :rolleyes:
  4. Shinkawa

    What happened to the sticky?

    I either seem to be hallucinating or something cause I remember there used to be a sticky that was about models that are released? What eve happened to that sticky?
  5. Phobius

    Phobius NEW and IMPROVED!

    Well here it is my new Sig and avatar. THANK YOU SO MUCH HIBBERS(Hibiki for the people who don't know what I call him) YOU ARE THE MAN!!!
  6. Z

    New Akira Wallpapers !

    Which looks best ?
  7. SierraSonic

    Do you like Phobius?

    If your from IRC, you know what he can do, so vote correctly. ;) Anywho do you like teh IRC gawd od doom3 Oo. <--- Proves how sleepy I am.
  8. owa

    Ahh Help!!

    Hey, I'm trying to make a sig like Phobius's like how his is like cut in parts so oyu can see through it. I wanna make osmthing liek taht and I'm useing Photoshop 7. Please help! I'd really appreciate it!