1. Nemix

    The Phantom of The Opera, Good Book

    I had it as an assigment at school to read it... meh i was like... whaat i have to read a book... oh nooo... but i quite enjoyed it :D it was a good book... it had mystery... horror.... action :D all you need i'm looking forward to seeing the movie :D but there was made only one, in 2004...
  2. PiXel

    The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass think i might wil buy a DS soon 0_o
  3. G

    Kingdom Hearts - Phantom

    Just something I whipped up real quick, Ill work on it more later on. Comment how you see fit, Let me know whats wrong with it how to fix it etc. Version 1 Version 2
  4. G

    phantom client.dll

    Ok i need help with this, i have installed ESF version 2.0 Alpha however whenever i create a game or go into the console i get the same blasted message "client.dll cant be found" or something like that, but i know it does exist; since when i go into the folder it is there. And to further make...