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    My PFX Team Sig

    PWNZ, Don't it? ROFL :laff:
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    To All PFX Members/Fans

    I must admit this.. please read the Topic+Post.
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    MY PFX Splash Screen

    Well...I made ALL of it EXCEPT for the Gundam in the middle. o_o
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    Do NOT goto the PFX Site *wink wink*

    Yeah..uhh...I'm not PROMOTING the PFX MOD...for Half-Life (its a Gundam HL Mod o_o ) dont ANYONE think about GOING to there SITE! *wink wink* Omg I was teh pwned! and absolutely do not REGISTER on the FORUMS...cuz they dont NEED anymore people on the forums SUPPORTING the TEAM...
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    New Pfx Sig

    well its not that good but i hope yo guys like it. may i hear some opinions please.
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    PFX Forum's UP!

    WEEEE click here or here thnx for registering.