1. necro0

    Cell's Perfection Theme

    Does anyone know where I can download this? I can't find it anywhere. No kazaa please =\.
  2. Wangster

    street thuggie [drawing]

    well, i made a lil drawing, its one of these types that are always looking for a fight, you usualy encounter them in a bar, or on a street @ night. anyhows, here it is, i would really like to have some tips, crits, and opinions. thnx ps...
  3. T

    The sig you're all been waiting for ( perfection )

    hey i had some suggestions to make my sig witder well i did it here and i made it even better then the other ones this toke me freaked long to make something like 7 hours. so i'd like comments and ratings on this thx.
  4. Vengaurd

    Electric Final Flash!

    Epedemic_Optikz has given me his permision to heavely modify his lightning Kamehameha and i now present to you, the Electric Final Flash! keep in mind that my server is crap for posting images on forums, if these two dont work youll have to go to my site(see sig) and click preview...
  5. Naz

    Strive for perfection?

    Not that I'm even close to it lol, but still, I enjoyed making it it's a splash... I think :rolleyes: enjoy grtz Naz