1. Arsenovicius

    happy penguin

    nothing special, i just love it.
  2. Rayos

    The Giant Saru Penguin has made a cult

    I-CON - The International Convention of Nerds Held every year at Stony Brook NY has had a penguin invasion and has officially wanted me to hold a PENGUIN PARTY ^_^ Videos of the penguin Penguin kickline...
  3. Rayos

    THE MIGHTY PENGUIN RETURNS I HAVE A FULL VIDEO ON YOUTUBE...make this the biggest fat man dance ever...bigger than numa come on people i need yoru help
  4. Rayos


    I got pain's permission so MEH and Oh and if you all want pictures ME AS A PENGUIN WITH MY STONER BROTHER BOBBY
  5. ZeroNightmare


    I made this desktop background in photoshop, its a devil penguin, i have the psd and i'm gonna edit it to make the 'horns' on the head white. Coments (:-:)
  6. H

    Help needed for HLGuard support

    So .. I need some model filename .. like 'models/p_knife.mdl' crowbar or knife model would be best oh .. and I need moddir name too :)
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