1. crazykorean10

    do you like to poop are pee

    i no this is stupid but i want to do this for laughs
  2. L

    pee test

    say your job wanted you to take a pee test, and you are not clean so you have someone else do it for you. If you are a boy can you have a girl pee for you? or does it have to be another boy?
  3. A

    You will pee yourself. If I had a nickel for every time I've seen this theory proven.... I'd have a lot of goddamned nickles. EDIT: There is cursing, so if you like that kind of thing you are in luck!
  4. Brim


    Well my friend sent this to me...I'm not really sure what it is, he said it was a game or something. All I know is that I literally pissed myself laughing...I laughed so hard a little drop of pee came out...its just rediculously random... PEE YOURSELF NOW!
  5. S


    what programs would you modelers out there recomend for a begginer.i want to make high quality models if i get good enuff.also how much math is involved in modeling cuzz.. umm..errr ya ok if you can supply a link to were to get a good program it would be greatly apreciated thnx from pee...
  6. F

    Super Vegeta model complete.

    Yep, it's done. I just need someone to host it for me. pm me if you want the job! Original Vegeta Model by ESF team, Edits done by me.
  7. ZuL

    Player model's "attachments"

    I have a few models that are unskinned and all, but I would really like to put "attachments" on them. I'm not in the mood to explain to some people what it is; experienced modelers can reply here and explain to me how to make them.
  8. I

    Goten!!!!...a fusion member^_^ check it out..and don't be lasy.... and here a flatshaded pic (when he wasn't finished