1. Damaera

    DalteBot Productions - Sneak Peak of First Album

    Just would like to share the first track of DalteBot's upcoming album. Think of it as a sneak peak. Enjoy guys!
  2. Raeku

    Peak of stupidity.

    I came across this very silly video the other day. The guy in the orange looks like he really broke something.
  3. G

    Peak Oil:A MUST READ I think I will let the link speak for itself. But please don't read two paragraphs and make an assumption about it, if you read it all you will find it is very intelligent and makes great conclusions.
  4. H

    Inspiration at its peak, Gaara Returns!

    Well, it isn't normal Gaara, this is..TEH EVUL GAARA OF DEWM@ Heh, I got a nice topic name going, I should copyright it...buahaha! Well, yea...heh..started today, finished today >_< And, I know the tail is kinda ****ty, but really? all its gonna do is wave ^^; Polycount : 1902 Not...
  5. V

    Super Buu Buu

    Been busy at work lately, so it took me a lot longer to finish this skin than I thought it would =\ Anyways, here's a peak at the post-beta Buu - Super Buu.
  6. Ryoko

    Last Wallpaper in this style (unless I am uninspirational)

    Ok, unless I really can't find a new style, this is the last one of this kind of style from me. What do you think of it?
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