1. J-Dude

    Max Payne the movie

    Saw it tonight. Totally sweet! Don't expect an exact recreation of the full game storyline though. Mostly it deals with Lupino until later on. Turns out the Valkyries are just halucinations of people who took the drug, which oddly is colored blue in the series. (spoilers) A couple jarring...
  2. Deverz

    Max Payne Movie? Anyone heard much about this? I have a feeling it's gonna be bad even though it has a strong game story
  3. M

    Max Payne 2 Mods

    Are their any good Matrix Mods or Kunfu Mods for Max Payne 2? I've been lookin around and cant seem to find any. I found a bunch for Max Payne but none for Max Payne 2.
  4. M

    Max Payne 2 Mods

    Does anyone know where i can find cool Max Payne 2 mods?
  5. NeLo

    What Can I Say? Im A Max Payne 2 Fan..

    Hey i was always wanting to do this so i just made a Max Payne 2 sig cuz damn that game r0x0rz. Twas very nice game and the story line broke my heart... :cry: :( Damn its sad anyway ya i made one so here it is...
  6. P

    Max Payne 2: The Fall Of The Last Thread

    I just looked on a site and now it turns out england get it late, that sucks, I will have in in a week or 2 it seems.. ahh well, to those who allready have it, tell us what you think, but please please please DONT POST STORYLINE SPOILERS And dont get this thread closed too.. geez :\
  7. Phatslugga

    Max Payne 2 : The Fall of Max Payne

    Wewt, came out today! I preordered this game yesterday (got a nifty shirt for free with it) as a matter of fact at best buy and I'm gonna go and pick it up today. To maximize my nerd factor... I will be wearing the Max Payne 2 shirt as I go pick it up today. Has anyone else been waiting for this...
  8. MasterTrix

    Max Payne

    wanna see a kewl Max Payne movie (a little movie) ?? you have to wait a bit cause the movie has to load till 100% you'll see it ... :laff: Click here
  9. S

    max payne stick fight so cool the last part yust rocks how do they do things like that
  10. S

    Goku Head Reskin (W.I.P.)

    ooo... look at my pretty new skin, a modification of my old one with my new graphire tablet... ahhhh... anyway take a look...
  11. xstortionist

    Attention all experienced modellers, mappers, skinners, and coders!!! please read

    Ok, I've finally got my self together to start up a new Half-Life/Quake3 modification. This modification will be a car game, much like Quake3 Ralley/HL Ralley, but I'm wanting it to be a little bit more high tech and futuristic. I am really looking for modellers, mappers, and...