1. Halorin

    A paying request! Come look!

    I will paypal you $25.00 if you do me this one favor. Make a model of me. Yes. I will send you scanned pictures of myself, in most every angle and proportion I can think of, and pay you the previously mentioned amount to put me in ESF form. The sound pack, well.. I'll make that one myself. :D...
  2. L

    place for mods

    hay everyone sry i know ur pissed cuz of all these postes made by me but got idea i was wondering if all of u good modelers like nuttzy,slander,and dawg ect. (not sure if all of them model just they know all about it so) u can make ur own site on aol home town for free and dont even have to have...
  3. T


    Yeah, I need it for modelling, where can I get it? cause im not paying for it... =D
  4. thor

    Spin i think the red sayain looks cool i love it

    can you make me a desktop wallpaper 800 by 600 just like the banner on the top of your webpage just bigger. and with out the grey border of cause. (i can click on any of the section on your site)
  5. B

    gonna try this

    im dling photoshop right now...gonna give sig making a try once i get it dled any help would be aprecated