1. SS4 Gogeta

    Patient dies on hospital floor WTH IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE??!!?!?! In a HOSPITAL no less. That Securtiy guard gets 1,000/10 for being absolutly worthless, that moron should be fired then bound, weighed down and locked in he same postion...
  2. Suh Dude

    First Model Edit!!!!!and need help

    i guess its better then everyone else but one thing when i tryed to save it it gives me a vertex problem.WTF does that mean
  3. D


    here is my first edited aura :tired: credits to Asension X for the original aura (preview) here is the medium version here is the lare version
  4. S

    Comes there anny ssj2 3 and 4???

    O_o do someone can make that u start ssj 1 then 2 then 3 then 4???? then the game is funnyer so plz make becuas ur so ssj O_o Greetz Supa Brollie and already THNX
  5. S

    frieza or buu

    does anyone have frieza form three or super or kid buu? if you do can you please give me a link? thanx:)
  6. M

    Anime Ref. please

    If anyone coould help me out i'm gonna start drawing anime again and i wanna make a sig ir an icon for my nameon here and i need some reference pictures of little kids in anime like for example tata from chrono trigger and goten but i would like realitvly big ones so that it shows detail and i...
  7. A

    PS Cover?

    When r the results coming out? Dont think ive won but i still wanna find out who did so ic an beat em with a stick! :rolleyes:
  8. F


    hi MAKE the skins better we have no pics form Gohan, kirlling, enz make make make bye bye O_O
  9. B

    Rules For Posting Your Work.

    As of late I have noticed alot of unacceptable behaviour regarding peoples work and I believe these rules will help keep trouble to a minimum and make your forum surfing alot easier and more pleasurable. So before or when showing the community your work or commenting on others work please...
  10. I

    Maps Request

    Can Whoever Has Almost Every Map Can u name Maps In Which U Can Destroy Mountains or Building or Maybe Little Planets????
  11. J

    Whats wrong with my skins??

    there is something wrong with buu, krillin and gohan skins. How can i fix this or get these skins
  12. N

    Fat Buu model is Phat.

    I luv fat buu! He is just lie a little kid. "ME EAT YOU UP!" Last words from Fat Buu before Vegeta honorably blows the shit out of him.