1. A


    Ok, so I just downloaded and installed the open beta works fine, great. So now i want to play online so i installed the latest patch, the christmas release. I go to find servers and no luck. So, i was wondering if i needed to install other patches before the christmas release one and if so...
  2. Z

    Need Help Patching

    I just got dsl a couple of days ago so I finally have the connection to play "real games." I just installed Half Life and patched it to I downloaded the 108 mb ESF version 1.1 beta. Do I need to download every single patch from 1.1-1.2 to 1.2-1.3? Any help would be appreciated...
  3. D.C. Darkling


    Ok.. i am currently working on the saiyan saga vegeta I made. No.. I haven't done anything I wanted on it yet. This patch is merely to make it 1.1 compatible. (someone had to make more sequences for renzoku then the 1.0 model suggested :fight: ) I am now debugging it and rebuilding some...