1. I

    copy paste prb....

    Whenever i try and copy a large text online and paste it into microsoft word it just closes. Bit if i put in in worp pad it works. is it microsoft waord that is messed up or is it my memory, because at one time my comp said to restart due to no memory. waht is wrng?
  2. L

    Vegeta W.I.P

    Hey this is my first poly by poly model!! CAn u post critz please aswell!More Updates soon! Update: Added head and stuff, look for ur self!
  3. Death The Jedi

    Post your first PS thing

    There's mine.. it was called Apparations.. post yours
  4. OubliezJe

    DBNG background (quickie)

    i got boredlast night and made me a dbng background.not the greatest but hey... credits go to davidskiwan for the drawing and thought of dbng. go there :)
  5. R


    Ok I was bored again to death this time....then suddenly this idea pops out of my head Copy and paste the link,I'm not bothering with renaming to .txt because people using browsers other than IE would have display probs.... I need some...
  6. Seph`

    SSjTrunks Skin Edit

    Original Skin: Mastasurf Edit: Kame-Haka Changes: Gold Sword (Metallic), Blue Sheath and Red Jacket Image: Crits? What can I make better (Shoes will be blue next time I edit) Kame-Haka Edit - Front view added. Sorry for bad quality of 2nd pic I put it in paint for ease...
  7. VivaLaPineapple

    disco dude

    this will play much better if u put the jackson 5 - give me one more chance copy and paste the link
  8. S

    "The Death of Hamtaro" the life of a hamster

    another picture from my friend
  9. W

    woker new reskin/model edit ssj2vegeta.

    wwwwwwwaaaaaaazzzzzuuuuuuuuuuppp???? ok look i got now 3D max studio 5 and i got SMD import script and SMD export plugin. ok i made this ssj2vegeta . i do "Decompile Normal HL MDL file....." in ms but the prob in ms thet i cant save soo i did Decompile Normal HL MDL file..... to ssjvegeta and...
  10. stiffdog


    lol, this drawing:chevy looks like one of the tires are flat. i now have a forum: joe's forum
  11. sexyasian86

    Goku Exercise

    i'm starting to animate and i got bored so i felt like doing a new animation for smo's goku ^_^ his deep idle animation is him doing his arm stretches ^_^ don't want to make a avi so a picture will do fine ^_^ peace hehehe, ^_^ hope ya'll like it :P
  12. Vegeta

    Milkshape 3d Copy and Paste

    Im trying to figure out how to copy and paste a model head, I tryed all these different ways, I selected all faces cant copy it or anything, will someone help me with this GRR DOES ANY ONE KNOW. This is a help forum.... Not receiving any type of help, cmon here!
  13. M

    Its not a Paste . New ideas for version 1.2 or other ! .

    Hello! , I live in Argentina , and your game are the best! . My idea is : 1_) More characters : Cell : Transformation One : Medium Cell Transformation Two (Max Power) : The last Cell . Frieza : Transforation one : Big Frieza Transformation Two (Max Power) : Last frieza...
  14. imported_Da_G

    mapping request

    is there a mapper who would like to make a map of the grankai(not the tournement). Here some pics: 1 2 3 4
  15. MaX


    i go by Shask for my artwork credits now ok.. and on most forums im Shask now. :). ... anyway i call this sucker Bloodstream. Copy and paste :).
  16. I

    I got a texture problem

    Guys i wanted to remake the ESF vegeta skin cuz like i want green colours to suit my name and stuff... but i opened the texture using modelviewer, i then exported the texture into adobe photoshop and attempted to alter the texture, i changed the colour settings to RGB instead of indexed and...
  17. B

    Evolution MOD Model pics

    Here some Pics for the esf Evolution MOD by an Your ESF Source
  18. VivaLaPineapple

    cut and paste tutorial

    how to make something very simple look nice. step 1 open photoshop and set your canvas to 1024 x 768 step2 make the background a color that doesnt hurt the eyes step 3 cut out an image of your choice that is somewhat high quality and colors compliment the bg color step 4 get some...
  19. TAz00


    I made a rats map for the Neo clan, actually it has nothing to do with DBz. Its actually guess what.... MY ROOM:p enough with the chat, heres the pics, and the zip... Right click and press, Save as... I also made a CS version...
  20. M

    How to compile ESF models to beta 1.1

    I read in your forum that it would only take 2 minutes to compile beta 1 models for beta 1.1 models so please tell me how to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please dont close this thread !!!!!!!!!!!!