1. Sicron

    Retrieving hidden password, program?

    Okay, so I have this problem. My school supplied me with a password for an FTP account with PHPMyAdmin on the schools server. Now, the thing is, I lost the paper that had the password to my account on it (and we weren't allowed to change our passwords). So I can't log in on my account on the...
  2. Otpidarp

    Silly situation, Please Help Me!

    Guys, its my bad luck that I forgot my Steam password. I made a new account and I wanted a new Half-Life CD from the shop. Unfortunateley, there wasn't any Half-Life CD left, but I did see a Counter-Strike CD. So, I just want to ask that will I be able to run ESF's final version using...
  3. J

    Kudos to the ESF team

    Wow I haven't viewed this site in forever but then I look at the front page. It looks like almost a totally different game. And you guys are still using Half Life and it looks like you guys updated to the Half Life 2 engine and the new melee looking GODLIKE. Wow dude theres so much I want...
  4. Mr.Lukyas

    BIOS password!

    How to avoid it. Need urgent help. No, it isn't for hacking, it's for getting to my own PC. I got grounded, y'know.
  5. Voxfire

    Removing a password

    nvm found it :)
  6. D


    anyone know how to get past a pre-login password? im not really sure what it is, but i cant even start the computer without typing in this password. is there anyway past it?
  7. Skyrider

    IRC Java Chat & Thread Password System Added!

    Because not a lot of people were interested in the Chat/Shout box here on the forums, I changed this in to a IRC Java Instead. Now, the Java IRC works fine but there are a few problems with it. For one, you cannot join it with special symbols as it attempts to connect to GameSurge IRC with your...
  8. Reptile

    Password retrieval.

    Hey everyone, I wasnt able to retrieve my password for my account. No matter what i tried i couldnt get it to work properly. Therefor i decided to write this little topic to help the ones that may have a similar problem. Currently these problems occur because of the migration. If you cant...
  9. K

    Username and Password Manager

    I was wondering if there was a program that keeps track of all your usernames, for each site that you log on to, and the correct passwords for each one. I have about 5 or 6 diffrent passwords on a few sites, and i want to keep track of it all.
  10. K

    what is ESF beta 1.2.3. paly password

    What is ESF beta 1.2.3. play password :(
  11. Z


    how do I make a password on my server??
  12. X

    Content Control Password

    wat is the content control password?
  13. Mr. Satans

    Mr. Satan's (Listen)Server.cfg

    Here is an example of a good listenserver.cfg (non-decicated) / server.cfg (dedicated) for ESF v1.1b. Some things require your own input, so read through everything first before use. Later on I will edit this post and add descriptions and what-not. log on cl_cmdrate "55" cl_updaterate "50"...
  14. L

    Lost forum password...

    this is HELLSPAWN... I lost my password, and I registered with a different e-mail than the one I'm using now, can an admin send my password to me? My e-mail is [email protected] I have another screen name on that account, tho...