1. CM

    Panthro (WIP)

    ooh, ooh, baby, get me sharper! Its ROL's panthro
  2. CM

    [WIP] Panthro Redo

    this is an outdated screen, from last night, couldnt be arsed to make a new one. i finished the back and the belt. oh well the abs will be hidden under the belt, thats why theyre so blurry. crits and help appreciated EDIT: oh and the color both can be fixed, and was taken straight from...
  3. CM

    [WIP] ROL Panthro Skin

    i skin for ROL now :) yeah, welcome me! anyway, as a first work here's panthro, from thundercats. havent gone around to the head or the arms yet, the rest (except the thundertank) is uvwmapped, and most is skinned. screwed up a few times and had to redo This is a WIP