1. KarrdeKNR

    Pandora Radio - Share Your Stations

    It's been a bit slow lately. So I was thinking it'd be nice to see what we all listen to on Pandora. For those of you who don't know what Pandora is, it's an online radio that builds stations for you based on similarities to songs and artists. Furthermore, you can customize it by thumbs up or...
  2. RavenTrunks

    Pandora, Your Radio Station. A online radio station that plays only music you would like. I found out about this site about a month ago, and I have heard some awesome songs and bands I never knew existed. All it takes is a free registration that doesn't even mail you a confirmation so no worries...
  3. G

    Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow CO-OP [?]

    Me and a friend is big fans of co-op but we cant seem to find any good games that has that option for pc,right now we are playing Ravenshield Rainbow six but we are kindy bored with that..and someone said that Splinter Cell (2) Pandora Tomorrow has the Cooperative option for pc so iam wondering...
  4. Death The Jedi

    Post your first PS thing

    There's mine.. it was called Apparations.. post yours
  5. B

    ... emptyness ...

    Sometimes I don't want to face life Sometimes I feel empty inside But every moment is precious And everyone will turn to dust meh, third work, 4 hours of work (from 1:17 am till 5:22 am) couldnt sleep eheh :p
  6. D

    can some1 give me site of downloading maps?

    redsayian fall :((((((((((((( so plz
  7. B

    ... pain ...

    - Down on my knees Hands stretched to heaven above Christ this pain is hard to live with Don't fill my heart with love Engulf my heart with vengeance You need to see our pain Don't fill this heart with love The truth needs to be told - inspired by a whole day of listening to soulfly...
  8. Rebirah

    My first model :) m16

    My first model :) m4a1 <object id="MS3DViewerCtl" width="400" height="400" classid="CLSID:59131903-4A33-40D5-80C2-5242DD365AB3" codebase=",0,0,6"> <PARAM NAME="_Version" VALUE="65536"> <PARAM NAME="_ExtentX"...
  9. B

    ... hope ...

    Reaching out for the impossible... as long as there is hope, everything is possible greetz
  10. B

    .. madness ...

    Madness... not much to explain :\ .... i think al pictures were taken by me so no credits for that, moeha :devgrin: its kinda small (i made it on a 1024*768 laptop, and didnt really concider to make it big) (and yes i know, the font/text sux)
  11. B


    this is a lil selfportreit made in ps7 with airbrush-tool this is me irl (note, this isnt the refpic) i never really worked with airbrush before (used to do it with paintbrush and smudge - or highlight/dodge stuff anyway, what ya think?
  12. Nuttzy

    brolly WIP

    well its not much to crit at the moment but im not really rquesting crits, im looking for for help with the head, im sure i can manage the rest, but modelling 3d anime hair isnt a cake walk for me, im not sure if this will be released outside of the people helping me with it, (its up to them and...
  13. L

    New model i'm making

    plz crit :) its still needs a lot of work to go tho
  14. B

    since making a female base-model is "in"

    MORE PICS HERE first 3d studio max model, following the joan of arc tutorial
  15. B


    this is my first real artwork, so be gentle :) i dont know why some of the objects look grainy :/ bryce rendered with anti aliasing on so :/ (btw what catagory is this artwork? :p
  16. B

    super a17

    ive started the transformation for #17, super 17 model :S this is what i did so far :S it has bout 300 polies atm ( waaaaay to high imo, should get them lower :S) anyway MORE PICS HERE17a
  17. G

    Finished my map esf_pyramid

    just get it there or if you are very lazy look and download...
  18. Super_Vegeta.LE

    Vegeta ^_^ (WIP)

    ok got a torso in the works here for vegeta, if ya could gimme some crits on it so far that would be great, anyways, here it is... (i know the straps are missing :P )
  19. B

    photoshop prob

    ehm, sicne yesterday my paintbrush/pencil tools are ****ed, for example, when i choose a 2 pixel brush and i draw there wont be a line, and when i use a bigger brush (10 or something) then it draws a 2 pixel line, its weird and *** and i would like to know how to get rid of it (its photoshop 6.0)
  20. B

    can't draw, but what the hell ...

    what does a 17 year old boy do during math lessons? draw goku :p i know, i shouldnt go 20 times over the same line :p
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