1. EliteMarine

    Kami's Palace

    I have a simple question to ask that honestly doesn't matter but it would be cool if it was in. Inside Kami's Palace will there be a Portal or some type of door leading to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber? Or will you make the Hyperbolic Time Chamber a map of its own?
  2. D

    Kami's Palace's Cloud's Sprites

    The map is great. But the cloud sprites are kinda ugly. :/
  3. Skyrider

    Capt. Ginyu - Kami's Palace Video

  4. Ravendust

    Fortune Teller Baba's Palace

    My very first ESF map, for the new forum competition: This was my main ref, though I have many others: I think i'm about 60% done. Still on my to-do list is... -Some textures -Skybox -Railings on the buildings balconys -More env_models (trees and rocks) -More player start...
  5. samurai^Kurai

    ESF Kamis Palace

    i got bored so I did a new kami map its still wip but here are some shots. the skybox is only the standart one, no comment on that
  6. X

    Dragonball Palace!!!!!

    Hey Dudes! im making a fan site!! ofcourse DBZ ESF and DMZ. and others mods witch still needs to get added but i would like to know what i need to make more on the site!? Remember to hit F5 when the site is done loading!!! -Xsis
  7. E

    R@1d3r's Esf Palace

    hey i just plaid at R@1D3R'S server and i had fun and all but i hated how people were meleeing my arse when it was laggy,so does anyone know a non melee server (thats popular ;) )
  8. R@!D3R

    R@!D3R's Palace League!!

    Ok, I'm setting up a league and it will be sorta like OGL, CAL, IGL, STA all those types. The latter's are 1 vs. 1 and 3 vs. 3 If you are interesting in this league leave a post here saying. What latter and when you are most availible and the connection you have.. :) If you find this idea is...
  9. R@!D3R

    R@!D3R's ESF Palace

    Ok folks, My ESF palace is up and is running the IP is Make sure to read rules before joining. Clans are free to contact me and rent the server for a total of 2 hours every 3 days. Also individuals can rent the server to host an "Organized" tournament. Organized means you at...