1. Skyrider

    Pokemon Stadium 2 & Transfer Pak

    The question is rather easy: Can i, Can't i use that Transer Pak with Pokemon Stadium 2?
  2. Growler

    Kid Gohan - Sound pak

    I wanted to replace the EVM World Model pack Adult Gohan with ESF's 1.2 original gohan. I did so.. but I can't find the sound files... anyone care to help?
  3. G

    Missing PAK file

    Well I decided to play ESF today but I kept getting errors so I looked in my HL folder to find that my PAK files are missing, so my question is, does anyone know where to get them? p.s: i've tried reinstalling HL :( :( :( :\
  4. Tweek

    ..>TGW< Saiyan Saga Pak

    ..Ok a little wile ago Maistro (>TGW< Leader) asked me if i could make a Saiyan Saga Pak 4 him and os i got started :S. i havnt worked on it due 2 bein WAY 2 busy but i hav now started doin it again and came up with the idea not only 4 new Chars but New maps, Sprites, Sounds, GFX. In other word...
  5. I

    teen gohan blue outfit pak

    here's a pak i made for the blue outfit teen gohan from Movie 9 (brolly's return) I know there's no gohan ssj3 but i thought itll look better as a ssj3 level.. well check it out... i need a host though oops i almost forgot credits: smo for ssj3 hair, and azn for original bd gohan, and...
  6. S

    Chibi Trunks Animator Needed !!!

    Hey There Guys, I need a animator for a Chibi Trunks model ??? Can any of you Animate the model for me ??? We would like to replace Cell or the original trunks with it, so we can use it for our Buu Saga Model Pack ! Let me know ASAP: [email protected] (Also on msn) Greetz...
  7. S

    **VGUI Rel**

    My vgui pack is done. They are all excelent pics ( I used all cels). I also threw in some vgui's of Vegito for those who have him (everyone should give fatmanterror's vegito a try, he pwns). Those are named 640_vegetagood/evil1 (just delete the 1 at the end to make them work) Enjoy mates...
  8. S

    *Mwip* Vgui Pak

    I am working on a vgui pack that will replace all characters and I'll even throw in some ones of Vegito for those who have him. All I need to do is get some more cel (not Cell) pictures. If anyone has any requests please let me know.