1. DJ-Ready

    Ready paints on canvas

    So I decided to post my progress here as well :cool: Started to paint with acryl on Friday, 100 x 70 cm in size Pics from Friday the vector ref image I prepared (took a bleach pic and messed around with it an evening to get that vector image :)) Saturday...
  2. Alteh

    Quick paints

    My eyes look weird cause i was making a weird face and because the sun was in my eyes. I messed this one all up, so not gonna finish it up. Was trying to go for a quick forest....
  3. Abhorsen

    Spray Paints in steam

    i need help putting custom spray paints in the game with steam. i looked throught the files but i cant find the right folder.Can someone tell me what file i need to look in.
  4. A

    My First Reskin

    Didn't show up? in the address bar. I made and SSJ version too. I'll seek a host, prolly turning to RS. Comments please? and yes, I do know about the seams.
  5. P

    Spray.... PAINTS????

    I'm lookin for a ton of sweet dbz spraypaints of goku, vegeta, gohaan, and majin vegeta thx for the help... -=Pv=-Kaa'