1. frsrblch

    Great Photoshop tutorial on painted metal surfaces I saw this tutorial a while ago and decided to work through it and see what I could make. I used the object in the tutorial as a template and came up with something similar to texture. Then, with the aid of UVMapper, I created my texture...
  2. S

    Kept in the dark painted- new tablet ^_^

    well i got myself a new tablet, and i just really wanted to get goin, i liked my pencil sketch for this one so i painted it oh and this is just for show, u can see the feet a lot better without the gausian blur and overlay. There are a few mistakes here and there but im too tired so heh...
  3. Ryoko

    VERY WIP Princess Garnet drawing

    * If that doesnt work, click this link: * I have yet to clothe her but theres nothing on show ^_^ I cleanded up the lines a lot compared to the old version. And yes, I know she has no nose ><
  4. shadow16

    Trunks's Weapons

    *Credits* go to the original modeller of ssjTrunks Please do not complain about how crappy the models/skins are...because I know I ain't as good as many of you....because many of you could have done this in minutes...and some are very chessy like stretching the sword...blah blah blah...but...
  5. USJTrunks

    Loneliness - Painting

    Everything is painted except for the grass, in which I used a Photoshop brush.
  6. SSJ_Bardock

    Is this Good for MS Paint?

    Is this Good for MS Paint?+Share ur sigs I wanna see Is the -=[TIS] SSJ Bardock sig good for MS Paint? Aren't you guys happy I have a real sig finally :D :D :D :D ehem:\
  7. T

    Show me some art already!!!!

    if u dont post your artwork here i will have me drunken monkey anal rape u or send it to me [email protected] and ill put it on the new artwork site im makin AND DONT POST UR NEW SIGS ON THIS THREAD OR THE DRUNKEN MONKEY WILL FIND HIS WAY TO YOUR FAMIL have a nice day:)