1. W

    DBGT models pack!!

    omfg i got great idea that if it gonna be it will be the almost awasome thing that ESF players can get!! my idea is that we make DBGT models pack!!!
  2. Sliq

    Trunks Sound Pack

    Anyone know where I can get some good Trunks soundpacks?
  3. M

    keyboard problem(even with that fix pack and config file changed

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh Help >_<
  4. Sonic the Vampire

    ]|[ Final Request Forum v1.1 ]|[

    I'm starting this thread over. Sorry to inconveniance anyone who had a conversation going or a model request unanswered as of yet but the thread was just too long. Feel free to re-post old requests if you need to. Same rules apply; all model/skin requests go into this thread, nowhere else...
  5. M

    Krillin's Sound Pack Released By Miki800™

    <center> :smile: (Bug Bypass [DD])+Krillin's Sound Pack Released By Miki800™ ========================================================</center> DL it here:'s_SoundPack.rar thnx Max2 for hosting! <u>ESF-World Networkxx...
  6. K

    trans pack?

    I was wondering if viki ever released his transformation pack?
  7. M

    Requeried Wads from the Alphas for Swiss_Cheese - SDBZ Map Pack

    you probably were very happy when you saw the headline! lol well, sorry but I dont have it, YET! please can some1 install alpha and upload all of its WADS into a downloadable address so that we all could enjoy the: "Swiss_Cheese - SDBZ Map Pack" pack thingu thingy thing?!!! second...
  8. Warbandit

    Crackerjacks ESF music pack

    I am looking for cracker's music pack. I had it before and i was wondering if i could find it anywhere. This is a great pack and i recommend it to go to esf-world or something. I tried the search and the thread that had it the link was down. if anyone knows bout it plz tell me...
  9. S

    ESF, Steam, and the ESF Steam Pack v2.0

    ESF, Steam, and the ESF Steam Pack v2.0... i have steam, i have d/l ESF and i have the patch... now with steam i know i have to install my files to "x:/program files/steam/steamapps/[email protected]/half-life" for it to work... which i did to install ESF... but i had lots of bugs and problems...
  10. L

    thunder pack v2

    i started new thunder pack gallit gun sbc
  11. A

    Steam pack V2

    does anyone know where i can find a download link for it ive been looking everwhere and there all down which is getting very irriating ?!?
  12. N

    fusion pack

    does anyone know were to download or have a fusion pack with the special animations. NOT a normal gotenks,vegetto or gogeta model but an actual fusion one like the one shijing and ssj 4 gogetenks were doing. if u do could u please post the download link here or aim me or msn me and tell me...
  13. Gabyyy

    Full transformasion pack...

    Is there a pack with Goku transforming in SSJ 2,3,4 and 5?
  14. *HurleyBoy*

    goku transmation pack

    can someone make me a tran pack of goku going ssj 3 the first time...i had some sounds of it but i reformatted my computer and lost them. :rolleyes:
  15. M

    My new sound effects pack!

    I have it in Lycos - but they dont allow Direct DL but I found a way to trick Lycos! <big><b><u>E<i>DI</i>T</u>:</big>Updated - Alpha 1.5 anyway, here it is: EDIT - its dead, new updates...
  16. D

    i need a gohan sound pack!!!

    :talk: i need a gohan sound pack i cant fint it (a good sound pack) plz help me the gohan that cell have defeat
  17. Sliq

    Brolli Sound Pack

    Anyone know where I can find the Brolli Sound Pack, Yes I know many threads have been made about this but I never seem to find anyone with the link to the DL or anyone willing to send it out.
  18. S

    anyone wanna help make a model pack?

    i'm make a model pack but i need some help getting the models in game the models in the pack will be lasted below: Saiyan Saga Pack: Raditz Nappa Vegeta Chibi Gohan Krillin Tien Piccolo Goku Namek Saga Pack: Gohan Krillin Vegeta Dadroia Zarbon Slug ((one of freeza men))...
  19. CS-LAND

    ESF Steam Pack

    The ESF Steam Pack is back and new, now as version 2.0 :yes: ! Here is the list of all features and bug fixes, the bold ones are new and you don't have them in V1.0: 1. The old background is back; 2. The buttons sounds are back; 3. Keyboard bug fixed; 4. Added Voice bind support in...
  20. Wizard's Curse

    Better Beam Start Sprites Pack!

    Another masterpiece ! Its kinda hard to explain w/o pics soo ... in the next pics you'll see how the Ki flows on my new sprites :) soo just think how ^this^ pic whould look with this annimation ... This pack changes the beam start sprite for all beams except final flash :) Oh...