1. jp


    Alright, seeing as noone posted about this game yet, Overlord, a new game is out, created by Codemasters. Its a game where you are the Overlord, a Sauron look-a-like, and you gotta controll these minions to do your bidding, to complete your missions. There's a Demo out for the XBox 360 and...
  2. bapplebo

    Happy birthday Overlord!

    HAPPY BURFDAY YOU MEANY D: I only did this because he bribed me with hot monkey pron.
  3. |Overlord|

    Randy or Overlord?

    Now when you come to think of it, witch one do you prefer. Randyhobo Has more personality I'd guess since it strays away from dbz. Opti gave me the idea =D.
  4. VivaLaPineapple

    pram an overlord

    enjoy, just alot of brushes
  5. |Overlord|

    The Overlord is back!

    i'm back after my 2week holiday anywho , i want to get to the point , i'm gonna clear the sky a little first of , i will start of with the ss (secret saiyan) hacking incident , well , wtf , there's no point in hacking a whole site if ur after one person , & our famous Optimus Prime got...